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This is a day to care about you and your needs. Stay positive and radiant today, Cancer. This is a great day for you to take control. Connect with others on group projects and feel free to offer creative input. Let the artist within take the spotlight, and cultivate this talent in any way you can. Take the time to engage in long conversations with people regarding recent events. You have a great deal to share. People may be tired of your harsh attitude, Leo.

Just be more aware of how your words affect others. Be prepared to take the heat when people defend themselves. You may feel the need to act aggressively regarding this climactic period in your life, thanks to long-term trends. There may be opposition, but keep in mind that you have a great deal of strength on your side.

The warrior inside you is ready to fight, and you have a fire burning within. Try not to be harsh and judgmental today, Libra.

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  • aquarius december 19 astrology!

Differences are no reason to find fault with people. Use these gifts in a positive, healthy manner instead of using them to get down on others and their behavior.

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Long-term trends are coming to a favorable point for you, Scorpio. This is a good day to examine them and make some moves forward in pursuit of your goals. Get out of bed early and get moving. Get off the couch and get moving. Express your creative, artistic self in any way you can. People will be supportive to each other. Writers and those in sales and marketing plus teachers and actors will flourish today because Mercury is lined up with Venus in your House of Communications. Yes, you speak like Shakespeare! Furthermore, you will see ways to make money from your words.

Respect your moneymaking ideas today because you are clever and can dream up new approaches to making money on the side or finding a better paying job. You will also enjoy buying books or spending money on anything that enriches your mind today.

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Your words are like gold to others, which is why people want to hear what you have to say today. They enjoy your company and your interesting, conversational anecdotes; however, they will also enjoy your ideas because Mercury is lined up with Venus in your sign. Go for Baroque! Any kind of research that you do today will be successful. It might lead to immediate or future profits.

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You might also enjoy a secret tete-a-tete with someone, perhaps the beginning of a love affair? At the least, you will enjoy quiet research that benefits you. Friendships are warm today. Likewise, your dealings with groups, clubs and organizations will also be fruitful and pleasant.

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Obviously, this is a great day to get out and schmooze because you will enjoy talking to others and in turn, they might help you. The Moon is in your sign.

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Parents, bosses and VIPs will listen to you today, and will be impressed with what you have to say. Someone might be so impressed that a romance starts to percolate. Do not hesitate to share your ideas with others, especially people in power. You will love a chance to study and learn something new today. Likewise, you will adore travel because your mind wants to learn something interesting but it also wants to have a fun time doing it — and travel is generally the most fun way to learn something new.

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TV actress Bailee Madison shares your birthday today. You have a lively spirit; however you are also kind, generous and patient. This year you are wrapping up a nine-year cycle. That is why it is a time of completions and taking inventory.

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Expect to say goodbye to people, places and possessions. The good news is you are moving away from heavy burdens to something new and lighter!