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So, symbolically, wearing a ring on your index fingers reflects confidence but not in an over-the-top way. Try clenching your fist while wearing a ring on your middle finger — not very comfortable, is it? Fashion-wise, wearing index finger rings is a way to make a subtle yet significant statement.

Unlike the ring finger, there are no rules regarding what rings you ought to wear on your index finger. It can be an edgy and bold diamond ring, a simple silver band, or anything inbetween. Need some pointers? A casual summer look of a white shirt and linen pants goes well with a white gold index finger ring with diamonds, for example; in contrast, on a work day, a dark suit or pencil-shaped skirt can be matched with a white gold ring with emerald-cut diamonds.

Everyone loves to wear finger ring, be it gold or otherwise.

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Most people prefer the ornament on the ring finger, but it can also be seen on the thumb, index finger and middle finger. Different results are produced by wearing the ring on each finger.

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A ring is worn on the thumb as a fashion trend. When the ring is on the right thumb, wishes will be fulfilled and if it's on the left thumb it will result in agony. When a ring is present on the index finger, it will help boost leadership qualities.

Moreover, it will inspire the wearer to act with confidence in all matters. It is ideal for women to have the ring on their left index finger and for the men on the right.

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On the middle finger, a ring is expected to enhance sincerity and responsible behaviour. It is also a sign on beauty.

Meaning of Ring on Thumb

As the ring finger is related to love and courtship, a ring here is believed to improve the warmth between partners in a relationship. This gave rise to the tradition of wearing the wedding ring on this finger.

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