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If that planet is rising on the eastern horizon when you are born and that can happen if Jupiter is in your Lagna or 1st house what more […]. Despite research we have a long way to go before we fully understand this tough period.

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The confusion is largely due to the fact that both these planets are […]. Try to find out what is common. At certain times bereft of […].

Many beginners in Astrology and some Astrologers too wrongly conclude that 2 planets give the same result when both these planets rule together at a given point in time. For example, Guru Dasha — Sukra […]. What to do we take with us when we go?

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In India, every Indian is a bit of a doctor and an astrologer. They speak on philosophy so easily that you may think that everyone here is a saint. On closer look you find out that the knowledge they possess is superficial. I have heard […]. KETU Dasha. Oh My God!

The Fate of Astrologers(Good Article from E K Dhilip Kumar) ~ 'Hari: parathara:’

However if you start doing some research in Astrology, you will find that there is another planet that indicates equal trouble and that is […]. What is Rahu Dasha?

The records show that I published this article on wordpress. Out of the many articles I published on wordpress, the maximum response I got was from this one. The peer was unwell and my mother looked after him. He regarded her as a daughter. There was a strong connection between us.

Troubled Marriage – an Astrological Outlook – E K Dhilip Kumar

I was nineteen at the time and working on a session musician and composing jingles. Did the peer ask you to embrace Islam?

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Nobody is forced to convert to the path of Sufism. You only follow if it comes from your heart.

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A year after we met Qadri Saaheb, in , we moved to from Habibullah Road to Kodambakkam, to the house where we still live. So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth. What I understood by His words was that it is better to choose one path. The Sufi path spiritually lifted both my mother and me, and we felt it was the best path for us, so we embraced Sufi Islam. Were you conscious of the fact that changing your faith might affect your relations with people?


No one around us really cared — we were musicians and that allowed us greater social freedom…. The important thing for me is that I learned about equality and the oneness of God. Whether you are a winner or loser, king or slave, short or tall, rich or poor, sinner or saint, ugly or beautiful - regardless of what colour you are, God showers unlimited love and mercy on us if we choose to receive it.

It is because of our inability, our blindness in seeing the unknown that we lose faith. On the net there are many versions of how you came to be called AR Rahman.