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Your sense of adventure is a trait that defines you. You thrive on excitement. Not for you the domesticity of the Cancer zodiac sign, who likes nothing more than an evening in. You love to be out and about. This is one reason why Aries dating Aries makes for an ideal relationship. They will be your perfect travel companion and soul mate to share adventures with. When it comes to getting physical.

The combination of your virile nature and love of excitement meeting another Aries with the same traits; there could be some sizzling gay Aries compatibility between you. The only limit is your imagination! By nature you are self-involved. However, on the other hand you can be very generous. That is, of course, provided your Aries partner is prepared to do the same.

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If there is give and take, then there can be no better pairing for you than another Aries. Whether it comes to communicating, or being a thoughtful lover. The Top 10 Best Dating Sites staff are your guides to the world of online dating websites and services. The team navigates the world of online dating and share their findings to help readers find online dating success. Top 10 Best Dating Sites staff have extensive first-hand experience in: signing up for and using various online dating sites; researching the ever-growing online dating market; and copywriting and editing for various online and print publications about online dating.

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She suffers no guilt since in her mind this is no reflection on her marriage. Boredom with husband. Sooner or later, the Aries Woman may find that pla-tonic friendships do not fill the vacuum created by the waning of marital passion or by lack of growth in the partner or relationship.

Although she can be driven at times into melodramatic and risky affairs, she is far more likely to be revitalized than to be destroyed. Low self-esteem, repressed anger. She may go off on sex hunts to prove herself. She may disclose her infidelity to her husband at a later date, ostensibly in the name of honest communication.

Usually, her real aim is to spite him. This is a poor strategy in which sex and anger are simultaneously misused. In the best circumstances, these incidents can serve to open up feelings and to galvanize the partners to take necessary action.

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Lack of respect for partner. The Aries Woman cannot love someone she does not respect. This situation is deadly and usually means the end of the partnership or marriage in any viable form. If the shell survives, sex will not be an important part of it. The Aries Woman who finds her husband emotionally dependent on her for his survival, much as he was as a small child with his mother, feels stifled and eventually rebels. She will probably be driven to multiple affairs and seek out a man who is more her match. She will not hesitate to bail out of the original relationship emotionally and legally.

Extreme jealousy by the partner. This can drive the Aries Woman to seek less restrictive relationships. A group project closes successfully.


Employment prospects improve; could mean a job with terrific benefits. Thinking on your feet serves you well in this position as you escape boring routines. Unusual situations and unique people bring out your best. Torn between two camps creates stress, so be good to yourself. Brisk exercise relieves tension, even fast walks during lunch.

Maybe a new job. Love life heats up, thanks to New Moon. Singles, make a move on your flame. Already in a relationship? Ask their bestie for advice.

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Honesty, fairness and generosity opens more doors than power plays. Deal with serious business for family members and cut through red tape. Legal decisions in your favor strengthens your position, giving you greater control over your personal life. Celebrate victories. Home life becomes especially rewarding, a perfect time for home improvements or buying property. Angry words exchanged on social media? Think twice before posting nasty remarks on Fb or Twitter. Bad jokes and thoughtless comments undermine your reputation. Home projects finish faster than expected.

Financial gain improves your standard of living, so relax on vacation with the money; a break is long overdue.

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Already partnered? Take a mini-break to reconnect. Escape the pressures of home to fully focus on each other. Unexpected expenses come thick and fast. Professional demands will be significant. If you play your cards right, you could negotiate a pay rise. The Full Moon on the 12th will signal a turning point in a relationship. You may decide to move in with a lover or even a good friend.

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Getting engaged or married is another possibility. Krystella's Inbox. Gay History. Lifestyle PlanetRomeo. In her true wunderkind style, she's even found time to make predictions for all 12 signs of the Zodiac. This time its the full spread.